Buy MicroGreen Grow Kits

Why Not Grow some MicroGreens as Home ?

As you can see MicroGreens are extremely healthy things to eat and are fun to grow.
We are pleased to offer our MicroGreen Grow Kits for sale, for you to use at home to grow the variety that you want. We can ship to anywhere in Australia, except WA due to quarantine restrictions.

Please choose your variety of seed, the number of kits wanted and the order destination.

We offer the base MicroGreen Grow Kit which contains:

  •  Special organic growing media sufficient for 12 pots.
  • Seed of your choice sufficient for 12 pots, please choose the variety.
  • 12 grow pots.
  • 2 grow trays.
  • 12 plant tags.
  • Instructions.

Simply place on windowsill once germinated to add extra nutrition, flavour and colour to any meal. Remember to keep watered!

We ship the MicroGreen Grow Kit (3kg weight) in a box containing everything you need to grow. All prices include the kit, seed and delivery. See below for pricing.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of seed germination, Pocket Herbs & Produce Pty Ltd does not guarantee, nor agree to any liability regarding the germination, or lack of, or the successful growing of any seeds supplied. All seeds are from our commercial stock and are viable, however, given the vagaries of seed germination and that young plants are very delicate, Pocket Herbs & Produce Pty Ltd cannot accept liability for any failures.

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