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Hydroponic microgreens, bush foods and fresh cuts.

Located in Burringbar, NSW, Pocket Herbs is a family run business with over 15 years’ experience growing high quality produce in hydroponic systems.

Our farm is Freshcare, HARPS and HACCP accredited; food safety and delivering premium produce to our customers is at the forefront of everything we do.

We grow in purpose built, hydroponic systems where all water is recycled.  We treat pests & diseases using organically registered products.

What We Grow

Bush Foods

We grow both native and introduced species of bush foods, all with their own unique texture and flavour profile. Our range consists of succulents and leafy greens, most of which are halophyte plants, and have a wonderful natural saltiness reminiscent of the ocean…


We supply our microgreens living in pots and cut (Fresh Cuts range). Living Microgreens ultimately give chefs and cooks optimal freshness and exceptional flavour. Microgreens are young vegetable or herb greens that are harvested at 25mm-75mm. At Pocket Herbs we specialise in growing over 35 different varieties.

Fresh Cuts

The Fresh Cuts range is made up of cut gourmet leaf, microgreens and rare edibles such as Purple Oxalis and Bronze Fennel. This range of produce gives chefs, restauranteurs, cooks and mixologists that WOW factor and an exquisite taste to remember. 

Our Farm

Food Services Distributors
Australian Global Marketing
Flowerdale Farm
Jensens Market Supplies
Suncoast Fresh Brisbane
Simon-George & Sons
Suncoast Fresh Coolum
Suncoast Fresh Byron Bay

Whats on

Native Foods with Currie Country range

Pocket Herbs is excited and proud to partner with Currie Country to bring Australian chefs, restaurateurs, cooks and mixologists unique and delicious Australian foods…

The range includes: Barilla Saltbush, Karkalla, Marsh Saltbush, Old Man Saltbush, River Mint, Sea Blite, Sea Parsley, Sea Purslane and Warrigal Greens.

Find Pocket Herbs microgreens at Coles Supermarkets today!

Now supplying living microgreeen pots to select Coles Supermarkets in SE QLD and NSW.

Micros are the perfect topper and garnish to your meal. Not only are they packed full of flavour, but they are seriously rich in nutrients – making them the perfect healthy addition to your day.

Gold Medalist in this year’s Delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards!

Pocket Herbs is thrilled to be a gold medalist in this year’s Delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards for Karkalla.

If you are not familiar with Karkalla, it is a native succulent that is crunchy and juicy in texture, and has a wonderful briny, natural saltiness… Karkalla is part of the Native Foods with Currie Country range, and has a rich history with local aboriginal people.

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